Monday, August 3, 2009

painted kitchen

A friend is looking for some painted cabinet ideas so I wanted to throw these up here that I have saved to my 'home ideas' folder on my desktop. In the interest of saving money and spicing up our kitchen, I was googling ideas. But I learned you can buy some pretty cheap quality cabinets in stock at some local stores - like Grossman's. It's last on our long list, so we'll figure it out when we get there - and see what's left in our 'house fund'.

Here is our kitchen after we had granite installed (and it's never been this clean since):

It's not in horrible shape but it's pretty boring and I hate the tile floor.

Close up of the granite - it's a thin cut and we got it from some local Brazilians in the area that had just started a business out of garage at the time - so it was very inexpensive.

Even if we don't replace the cabinets, I'd like to have tile backsplash installed and get new appliances. Oh, and new cabinet hardware.


  1. Hi Rachel. Got any pics of your completed kitchen? Did you paint the cabinets?

  2. Everybody I talk to about painting the cabinets has voted it down so far. :-(