Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why don't I get notified when people leave comments? Hrmmmmm...

I should have 2 more updates coming up within the next couple of weeks. We are replacing the 30 year old wood stove and adding kitchen back splash. I think we're going with a glass tile mosaic from Best Tile:,cntnt01,details,0&cntnt01productid=338&cntnt01returnid=16

Ignore left over birthday decorations hanging from pot racks. And all the clutter. :-\

I've been to Best Tile about half a dozen times in the past few months. Coming home with many samples each time. Appreciate them letting me take samples home!

Can't wait for a new - EFFICIENT - wood stove.

I'd have that converted to a regular fireplace if I could afford to.

I ordered this:

Wasn't cheap but I love that it matches the new windows. :-) So many wood stoves out there are SO ugly!!!

Hopefully we get that installed before the first real New England snowfall.

More to come...