Friday, November 27, 2009

bathroom #2 almost completed

looking beautiful!

floor detail

shower/bath detail

quartz detail

matching vanity light

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guess what arrived bright and early this cold morning!?!? Windows and doors! Yay! They start Monday - yay! I'm running out of money - not so yay! They only screwed up one window - the most expensive one. The custom arched window for over the front door. It didn't come with the bronze finish, instead it was white. It's going back to the factory.

Monday, November 16, 2009

wow. window update.

The windows are being delivered on Thursday. The actual work finally commences on Monday. What a relief. I watched too many episodes of Holmes on Homes this weekend and was getting a little worried I'd need to give the guy a call. ;-)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

bathroom #1 almost done

The master bath renovations are near completion and i couldn't be happier with how it's coming out. It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Josh the plumber finished up installing all the new Kohler oil rubbed bronze hardware today as well as hookedup the toilet and sink. We can't finish up tiling the walls until the new window is installed. And it'll be a couple of weeks before the custom glass enclosure is also installed. In the meantime we can toss up a temporary rod and curtain though so we can use it while they get started on bath #2.

By the way, my garage looks like a Kohler warehouse.

The before pictures and inspiration are here:

The gorgeous new bath with travertine, river rock, and quartz countertops ...

I made another big purchase today: a new stainless steel Electrolux fridge. I got it from Percy's in Worcester from their 'dinged' aisle. most of the dings and scratches are on the sides where you wont even see them and you can hardly see the slight scratches on the front. So I got a $2800 fridge for $1300. Sweet!

Window replacement work starts in a week or 2. Let's get this sh!t done already! I figured we'd be all done with that by now but it kept getting delayed for some reason. Grrr!

I'll address the portico plans at another time. Let's just say that I've reconsidered it because the numbers I was given were WAY out of wack. Must come up with a new plan.