Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi new readers!

How fun - I'm getting some 'publicity'. LOL.

It's all part of my grand scheme... mua ha ha ha.

But anyways, it reminded me to make an updated post about our updated plans.

I met with Dennis (the builder) again this week and we're officially on the schedule. We are like 90% there on a final design plan too. We just need the window guys to come out and measure - then we decide if we go back to design A or if my ideas for a revised design B will work (and if I can afford them - they involve larger/more windows). I know, I'm not very descriptive. I'll wait until I have pics of the plans to speak for themselves. Don't expect anything over the top - after the cost of new windows and sliders, and installation of said windows and sliders, how much is really left before you go overboard on a house like this? And contrary to popular belief, I am not made of money. (shucks).

The plot plan is completed. Dennis will add his part of the plan to it. He'll apply for permits, which could go smoothly - or not - and we're scheduled to start the project at the end of October. Oh yeah, somewhere in there we have to do the most important part: order windows.

I'm so excited!

Or I've just eaten too many Canada Mints.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey look! A raised ranch makeover, including before and after pics:

They've apparently got more money than I do though.

Here's another - but I hope they post new pics soon of the exterior:

I'm leaving a comment over here:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I met with my builder today - though on the way to his home office I wondered if maybe our appointment was really next week and not this. I was lucky he was home, because our appointment was in fact *next* week, but since my ideas have evolved, we had lots to talk about, and will have lots more to talk about!

I'm looking beyond just raised ranch plans and taking cues from prairie and craftsman style plans of much different homes. You don't realize the decisions you need to make about the smallest details! I'm going to learn so much from this remodel - hopefully enough to help spawn my next career move.

So let's take a look at some pics of homes with details that I am drawing inspiration from...

Accent lighting, stone and corner details...

prairie style - color and stone:
more pretty prairie, color, stone and window inspiration...

I think this prairie design is very cool...

creative window accents

more color, light and stone inspiration (*this color combination might be our winner):

Interior window framing...

Just 'wow!'

I hope I don't drive my builder crazy with all my varying ideas!

Monday, August 3, 2009

painted kitchen

A friend is looking for some painted cabinet ideas so I wanted to throw these up here that I have saved to my 'home ideas' folder on my desktop. In the interest of saving money and spicing up our kitchen, I was googling ideas. But I learned you can buy some pretty cheap quality cabinets in stock at some local stores - like Grossman's. It's last on our long list, so we'll figure it out when we get there - and see what's left in our 'house fund'.

Here is our kitchen after we had granite installed (and it's never been this clean since):

It's not in horrible shape but it's pretty boring and I hate the tile floor.

Close up of the granite - it's a thin cut and we got it from some local Brazilians in the area that had just started a business out of garage at the time - so it was very inexpensive.

Even if we don't replace the cabinets, I'd like to have tile backsplash installed and get new appliances. Oh, and new cabinet hardware.

color and stone

I was brain storming ideas this weekend as we drove to upstate NY for a mini-vacation. As a passenger I got to check out all the local Catskill and Adirondack architecture. I *love* the Adirondack style. My goal is some sort of Craftsman-Prairie-Adirondack mix.

I decided that I definitely want stacked stone footings included in the design of the front portico.

I am so in love with this home...

Gorgeous - but 'too much' for our plan:

I love this color combination... I couldn't grab the good photo that shows better that the lower half of the house is painted red. I'm also picturing a very deep, dark red - combined with naturally stained shingles, and either the bronze or dark green framed windows.