Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why don't I get notified when people leave comments? Hrmmmmm...

I should have 2 more updates coming up within the next couple of weeks. We are replacing the 30 year old wood stove and adding kitchen back splash. I think we're going with a glass tile mosaic from Best Tile:,cntnt01,details,0&cntnt01productid=338&cntnt01returnid=16

Ignore left over birthday decorations hanging from pot racks. And all the clutter. :-\

I've been to Best Tile about half a dozen times in the past few months. Coming home with many samples each time. Appreciate them letting me take samples home!

Can't wait for a new - EFFICIENT - wood stove.

I'd have that converted to a regular fireplace if I could afford to.

I ordered this:

Wasn't cheap but I love that it matches the new windows. :-) So many wood stoves out there are SO ugly!!!

Hopefully we get that installed before the first real New England snowfall.

More to come...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New lights! New appliances!

Months ago, I put in an order for outdoor lights at Lighting Showcase in Shrewsbury, MA - the ones I posted about before. They were on backorder until October, they told me. I put in a second order for a different light. Those were discontinued. I put in a 3rd order for yet another light, and although I was told they only had 3 left out of the 4 I needed, the complete order finally came in a few weeks ago. We went with the Tahoe series from Hinkley. Beautiful fixtures that appear well made.

I was intent on having a light post installed as it is very dark at the top of our driveway, end of our walkway. There is no street lighting nearby and it's heavily wooded directly across the street from us so there's not much indirect light to be had at night.

My husband dug out the trench for the wiring:

He and an electrician put it in yesterday:

Please ignore the front steps, that's another project that my husband is working on since the cement around the front steps had crumbled.

Closeup - this lamp is huge coming out of the box but the proportions are not nearly as bad as I expected it to be - in fact, I love it...

Now we just need to buy some bulbs for it!

I also originally thought I wanted to add 2 lights to either side of the garage doors, but decided against this. Instead I had the 2 ugly spots that were on either side of the backdoor replaced.

I'm not sure why they had spotlights there to begin with!

2 others were added to either side of the front door where we'd taken the old ones down.

You'll just have to use your imagination here, I guess:

So yay! We can cross that off our list.

Next grand purchase I decided to make was new dishwasher and stove. We bought a new Electrolux from the dent aisle of Percy's a while ago and the dishwasher didn't seem to be working up to par (and was full of mildew!), and the stove never worked 100%. And frankly, I wanted stainless. I walked around that store for what seemed like forever trying to convince myself that it was OK to NOT have matching appliances. But apparently I'm not very good at convincing myself of anything because I bought the matching Electrolux appliances. Oh, and you can't forget the stainless range hood either. Wow, that added up fast. Let's hope I can get it paid off before my one year zero interest ends (must mark the calendar!). Electrolux was also offering a 10% rebate. Must remember to send that in too.

Aren't they pretty?

So now that we have beautiful new appliances, and a portion of backsplash that is still left exposed behind the sink that we're unable to get a matching piece of granite for, and hideous old laminate all around the rest of it, the next and final expense and install to be had is a tile backsplash. I'll post when we get that done as well.

And finally, just because, an awwwww moment ...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

just posting these better photos of the renovated bathrooms...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Painting is DONE!

this is the view of our house from the street:

gotta get the steps fixed now and do some landscaping...

I love the new awning windows above these side windows...

I'm going to order these new light fixtures that will look awesome with our new front door...

we'll also put them on either side of the garage as well as put in a post light at the end of the walkway...

from the back yard...

I love love LOVE it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New paint - so far! We love it. within the next couple of days, front door will be painted a dark red, as will the garage doors:

It was gloomy when I took the pic, when it's sunny, it looks more green, but the color is a dark, smoky green.

Before pics here:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

my husband hangs his artwork...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

time for a before and after!

Our basement bath/laundry remodel if finally complete.

Here's the before - just a dumpy laundry room:

And now... Tada! (and meet Willie, who is fascinated with his own shadow)

The motorcycle cabinet pulls...

Diamond plate wainscoting and the new black 'throne'

I've gotta take better pics with a real camera. Stupid phone.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm addicted.

now if I only pull myself away from this long enough to LEAVE THE OFFICE AND GO HOME! I'm only yelling at myself. is hella cool

long overdue update

I haven't updated in a while. Not much to share until this week. The 3rd bath - the 'mantown' bath - should be completed this week, well at least the major stuff. Gotta get hubby to put on cabinet doors after the plumber has done his thing and then we're all set. We're doing diamond plate 'wainscoting' and it's coming out really cool. I can't wait to take pictures. My husband has crazy ideas for painting the trim some crazy, tacky colors and I told him if he touched the trim, I'd kick his butt. He argues that it needs to stand out more - dood, I got you diamond freakin' plate wainscoting, motorcycle shaped cabinet pulls and a black toilet, that's not enough? Don't forget the red hot LG washer and dryer too!

::shakes head::

Also trying to decide on colors to paint the exterior of the house. Something in the style of craftsman - earth tones - but WHAT!?!!? I'm usually pretty good at figuring out interior colors, but I am struggling with exterior. The painters are already booked, but we don't yet have a start-date, but I know I'm running out of time on this decision. The challenge is, I picked out windows with a dark bronze finish, so the colors have to complement that color too.

I will follow up with bath pics any day now...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I caught this raised ranch makeover on HGTV today - amazing job! I want to know how much this cost: