Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi new readers!

How fun - I'm getting some 'publicity'. LOL.

It's all part of my grand scheme... mua ha ha ha.

But anyways, it reminded me to make an updated post about our updated plans.

I met with Dennis (the builder) again this week and we're officially on the schedule. We are like 90% there on a final design plan too. We just need the window guys to come out and measure - then we decide if we go back to design A or if my ideas for a revised design B will work (and if I can afford them - they involve larger/more windows). I know, I'm not very descriptive. I'll wait until I have pics of the plans to speak for themselves. Don't expect anything over the top - after the cost of new windows and sliders, and installation of said windows and sliders, how much is really left before you go overboard on a house like this? And contrary to popular belief, I am not made of money. (shucks).

The plot plan is completed. Dennis will add his part of the plan to it. He'll apply for permits, which could go smoothly - or not - and we're scheduled to start the project at the end of October. Oh yeah, somewhere in there we have to do the most important part: order windows.

I'm so excited!

Or I've just eaten too many Canada Mints.

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  1. Hi...we're closing on Friday our own, I guess you would called it "raised ranch". We're hoping to reclaim a 2-car garage on the grade level into living space, maybe move kitchen down there? as well as something to make it not a box on the outside! We're in for a long haul, can't wait to follow your renovation!