Sunday, March 11, 2012

Currently getting estimates for interior painting. The whole house. After getting screwed by a Groupon painting deal (alert: Groupon only gives refunds in the form of Groupon 'bucks' and do not ever use Eric's Painting out of Franklin, MA, who never responded to my multiple attempts to contact them), I got all excited about having the bedrooms painted that I decided to just go for it and do the whole thing.

I also finally have an electrician coming this week to not only fix the baseboard heat that's been broken for forever now (thank G-d for a mild winter) but is also installing ceiling lights in the bedrooms where we currently do not have ceiling lights. I'm very excited about the lights I picked out so I'll definitely be posting pics of those once they're in.

Here's a preview:

For Emily's room:

For the guest room:

For our room (but will be flush mount):

If all goes well, these should all be installed on Tuesday. Cross fingers! (just one hand, 2 is bad luck!)