Saturday, February 12, 2011

Better pics of the new backsplash... (and the new battery operated under-cabinet lighting which though looks ok, doesn't all stick that great or stay lit for some reason. oh well, it'll do)

Hubby needs a full pot of coffee while I like the single cups...

Just went shopping. Yeah, we like snacks and lack cabinet space...

Kitchen back splash is done - YAY! I absolutely love it - it's fun, fresh, cute, gives our bland kitchen so much character. Amazing what a simple update can do. So excited! I can honestly say that I love this house now.

But it's so pretty that we need to highlight the tile and get some under cabinet lighting. Something battery operated because I'm done paying contractors. (though my next call is to an HVAC person because we're having heating issues now).

Better pictures soon when we get everything cleaned up and all put together (don't I always say that?)