Friday, December 4, 2009

so let's see...

where are we at?

- all windows and sliding doors are now installed. they cannot install the new front door until the *new* custom window is ready. apparently it's being made by hand? i hope it comes in soon otherwise they can't install it until after christmas.

- all the interior and exterior trim should be done next week.

- bathroom #1 was waiting on the window to be trimmed before the wall tile could be completed. it's now trimmed but the tile is still in the works, depending on how much progress the carpenter made today.

- BUT we were also waiting on the custom glass for the shower in bathroom #1, which was supposed to be installed today until they realized that one of the pieces was wrong. :-(

- bathroom #2 is not complete because the plumber had to order additional parts for both the tub and the shower piece. ::whines:: but at least we have 2 working toilets now.

- bathroom #3 gets started tomorrow! but i need to find that tree where money grows, anybody know where that is?

- im farming for bids now on house painters though it's not something i can do until all the window work is done. i just want to get an idea of how much that's going to burn my pocket too.

so it's coming along! but not fast enough. :-\

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