Saturday, February 12, 2011

Better pics of the new backsplash... (and the new battery operated under-cabinet lighting which though looks ok, doesn't all stick that great or stay lit for some reason. oh well, it'll do)

Hubby needs a full pot of coffee while I like the single cups...

Just went shopping. Yeah, we like snacks and lack cabinet space...


  1. Hi Rachel - i too have a bi-level and just finished remodeling the kitchen. Took out the wall between kitchen and DR. new appliances, cabinets, flooring - the works! Love it. Now if I could just figure out a unique floor plan for the living room furniture. Keep posting, you're the only one out here brave enough to share her bi-level woes!

  2. LOL, Hi, Nancy! We have a little half wall between our dining room and kitchen, I left it alone. I do wish I could take out some of the chimney between the living room and kitchen - it takes up so much square footage, but that would be a nightmare remodel.

    My next feat if fitting a king size bed into the bedroom while still fitting in 2 dressers and a bedside table. LOL! I'm not quite sure this is possible.