Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows are ordered. Phew!

I had to pick out my molding preference and after googling to death, I told the builder I like this the best:

Now we're working on finalizing portico plans. I've asked the builder to price it out with and without the 2nd decorative roof-line. I am all too quickly running out of money here.

Bathroom #1 should hopefully be complete by the end of next week, depending on when we can get the countertops in and measured. It's painted, they're laying tile tomorrow (which I have a story for), and they said it'll be ready for the quartz people to measure anytime after Monday. Yay!

Lesson learned: Travertine doesn't come with a bullnose - you have to have a stone fabricator bullnose it for you. I've said 'bullnose' more times in the past few weeks than I ever thought I'd say in a lifetime, I'm sure. And running back and forth to the place in Natick that does it, not fun! I hate that section of Route 9.

So speaking of Travertine, my carpenter was all ready to start tiling on Monday when we realized we didn't have the 12x12's for the master bath. What???? They were nowhere to be found, which I couldn't believe because I was sure we picked up a complete order. I called Best Tile and they said their stock was correct so I must have them somewhere. Nope. So I sent my husband down yesterday with the receipt and he convinced them to give us another lot of tiles for free. I'm willing to bet that a stock person caught the discrepancy and waited for a customer to call. When a few weeks went by with no call, that employee took the overage home with him. That's my bet. They told my husband that if we come across the lost tile, to return it. Ha.

I cannot wait for all of this to be done. I'm already sick and tired of having to correspond with so many people so often. Especially if they call - with all the time I spend on the computer, I really hate talking to 'live' people anymore. LOL.

All this window trim googling has distracted me from work - I must get some more work done today...

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